Settling Into Union Park.

It's been a few long days of work and life, as I've made the addition of Boston into my space this week.

Monday was long... And followed up with little sleep before landing in Boston Tuesday morning on a red-eye. I know I managed to get about 90 minutes of sleep on the flight - which is minuscule for me - before landing and waiting for my suitcases at baggage claim.

Eventually, I was in a cab and on my way to my apartment.  I arrived to my empty apartment with the few clothes I left there. No furniture, yet.

But I had Internet.

And towels and toiletries so that I could finally shower Monday off of me and start Tuesday.

I went to one of the cafes on my block and grabbed a cup of coffee and headed into downtown by foot to get to my 9am meeting.

A few hours later, I was back in the apartment, working. It was noon locally, but 9am back in Cali. And the day was just beginning. I knew it would be another long day, as I looked at my calendar and saw meetings till about 8pm my time.

"Power through," I said, picking up my keys and heading back to Nero (the cafe) to get a large cup of coffee. I wasn't hungry... And I would not remember to eat till evening, when I ordered from my favorite Indian restaurant.

Throughout the day, stuff arrived. And eventually, I had a bed and a couch. The next day, I picked up pillows and a blanket and a few other things at Bed Bath and Beyond. And a few dining chairs, an ottoman, end tables, and lamps all arrived.

(Godbless Wayfair and their high quality products at gentle prices and fast delivery.)


I'm still waiting for a dining table to arrive next week from West Elm. So for now, you can find me working from the navy blue velvet couch. 

I have great light coming into the space. And it's lifting my mood, as all of this week's activity has me now come down with a head cold. I don't think it's something I got from anyone... I think it is my body's reaction to the business of this week.  

The body has it's ways of slowing you down. And I'm listening. I'm taking it easy the next few days. And enjoying my space.