Three Glasses Of Wine... And A Hangover?

I don't drink beer. It's boring. Even when it is a light and sunny Belgian beer that you are drinking outside at a table in Brussels, and comes with a bag of chips (crisps) from the bar.

Hard alcohol hasn't ever been as much my thing. I like Manhattans. I tried to adapt to martinis on the rocks when young, but it always tasted like rubbing alcohol to me. I enjoyed Sapphire (gin) and Tonics for a small stretch in my late 20s... Because they tasted like pine trees and were refreshing. But I could barely finish one.

Wine has always been my preference. But not too much of it. I can barely finish a glass when at home. The only time I can finish one... Two... Maybe three... Is when I am out indulging.

And that - even when drunk over the span of two and a half hours - has the ability to leave me feeling slow and sleepy  the next day. 

Like today.

I had my typical "Boston Saturday" where I head over to the Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons hotel to have a few glasses of wine and write for a few hours.

I sipped two glasses of Bordeaux and one glass of South African Sauvignon Blanc over the span of nearly three hours while writing in my book yesterday.  By the time I left, I was feeling tipsy. The usual. But not drunk, for sure. I walked home in the late afternoon Sun, about a mile back. When I arrived, I poured myself a large glass of water and ate some tortilla chips.

"Two hours till dinner," I noted.

I'd made a reservation at one of my favorite places, which is just around the corner from my apartment, The Butcher Shop. I was feeling less tipsy consuming the water and chips... And managed to make sense of the "stream of consciousness" that had been my notes from the bar. By the time 8pm arrived, I walked over to the restaurant and sat at my reserved bar seat.

Three courses of food (none completely finished, but good attempts), and a full bottle of sparkling water - and no alcohol - were my dinner.  I walked home, took a hot bath, got out, made myself some tea... 

And I felt drunk.

"But I haven't had any alcohol in almost five hours!" I said. "And I've drunk so much water!"

I couldn't rationalize it. I drank my tea, tried to read a book, and eventually fell asleep...

Only to wake up in the middle of the night, still feeling drunk. I laid in bed, trying to figure out why my body was processing the wine still. By this point, it had been eight hours since I had drank it. 

"The aya(huasca) still affects you," the voice in me said. "You wake up in the middle of the night all of the time, and still see the patterns and feel the medicine. And you haven't had any of that in over a year."

"That's different though," I responded. "That's a medicine that roots in and works over time. It's a plant."

"So is wine," said the voice.  

I lulled myself to sleep watching some Youtube videos after about an hour. When I woke up this morning, I was still very sleepy. My body was moving slow. I kept dropping things.

"I'm hung over," I said.

On three glasses of wine. That I drank over three hours. Nearly 15 hours earlier.

"Medicines work over a longer stretch of time," said the voice. "Drink only one or two next time."

Aging. It sneaks up on you, I noted.

I got dressed, ate some eggs. And then walked to the grocery store to pick up some things to make a healing soup...

 Coconut Ginger Broth with Veggies

Coconut Ginger Broth with Veggies

I've now had two bowls of the broth, and a whole large bottle of sparkling water. I feel normal again.  Hopefully normal-enough to make a yoga class this afternoon. 

But for sure, my body is changing. It's processing things in a very odd way.  And I need to spend some time figuring out what it's doing.