Dreams: The Bindu Chakra.

"I always sleep really deep and for a long time when in San Diego."

That was me explaining to a few people on at work how my body is different on the West Coast than it is on the East Coast. I'm ready for bed by 7pm, and have to force myself to stay awake till 9pm. I don't wake up for a full 8 or 9 hours. And even then, I am still sleepy for an hour afterwards.

Unsurprisingly, as a result, I tend to have an active dream space when on this side of the continent. And earlier this week, I had to nights in a row with a common theme: the back of my head.

Specifically, the same exact spot on the back of my head. The area right at the base of my skull. Just above where the spine connects. So on the head, not the neck.

The first night I dreamed of being in a high rise condo building...

There was great light coming in, despite it being a high rise in a city. I was going from floor to floor via escalator, looking at the different condos. On one floor, I run into Luke Storey, who does a podcast (on health and lifestyle) that I listen to a lot lately. 

He sees me and joins me on the escalator ride up a few floors. He stands behind me, pulls me back, and whispers something into the spot on the back of my head. I can't understand what he is saying, but I can feel it. It's gentle and warm. Friendly. 

He insists on showing me his condo, since I am looking to buy a place in the building. I walk in and see modern furniture and plants. Great sunshine coming in. I ask about a balcony. He points to a curtained off section in the main living space. I peek behind it and see a raised level of floor, tons of metal storage shelving filled it stuff, and a wall of windows that leads out to the small balcony.

I take note of it, and then notice one of the boxes. Inside is a clear bag that is buzzing. I don't touch it, but I point it out to Luke.

"Ignore those," he says. And he encourages me to walk away.

I do. But the flying insects making the buzzing sound have energetically been disrupted by my presence. And as I am turning and closing the curtain, a few have come out and started to buzz and sting (though it didn't hurt) the same spot on the back of my head where Luke had whispered.

I try to grab at them by reaching my hand to the back of my head. But they are persistent.

Then I wake up. Confused as to what the dream could mean.

The very next night, I had another dream about the spot on my head...

I'm traveling with a tourist group. Somewhere in the Middle East. We are on a bus, and stop at a rest stop with a cafe. It's next to what seems like a tourist attraction. We get off of the bus, and walk the path to the bathrooms. 

When we get there, there is a line. Everyone in my group seem to be further ahead in the line than me. 

"We'll wait for you, don't worry," one of them says. 

I wait in line, which seems to be moving slowly. There are also shower stalls in this bathroom. I pull back one of the shower curtains and see it's actually a toilet stall. I use it, and then walk out of the bathroom.

A bit of time has passed. I find myself hoping they waited for me at the cafe. And that they aren't mad. 

I seem to be moving slowly. Which often happens in my dreams. So I turn around and start to walk backwards towards the cafe. (I often do this in dreams, walk or run backwards, because it seems to get me some place faster.)

I finally get to the cafe, and they are peeved. Relieved, but peeved.

"There was a line," I say. "I waited in it, and I just finished and came right back here. I haven't been wandering."

I'm told that they were worried and sent people out into the tourist attraction to look for me. 

"Why wouldn't you look for me in the bathroom?" I ask.

No one has a logical response.

I sit down at a table with someone in the group to chat. He mentions that another person in the group can heal people by covering their ears with his hands. 

The healer comes over to the table, stands behind me, cups each ear with a hand, and places his thumbs directly in the spot on the back of my head.

As soon as he touches that spot with his thumbs, I see bright fractal-ed white light and can feel a buzzing of energy. Strongly. 

Then I wake up.

It has taken a number of days to start uncover exactly what that spot on my head was referring to, and what the dreams each meant. In fact, I'm still working on processing it.

But what I have found is that the spot on my head is known as the "Bindu Chakra." This is a chakra I haven't studied yet, but clearly need to. 

Because some energy is moving around in it, for sure.