Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull Bag: Like Coach Circa 2008.

I first discovered the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull bag... Gosh... Like maybe six years ago?  I loved it... But knew I could never carry what I viewed as such a sophisticated and polished bag. 

It was meant to be carried by women with shiny and perfect hair, while wearing chic white jeans and neutral-colored tops... Off to some place with an air of knowing confidence.  Not a woman with frizzy wavy hair, who wear bohemian "flowy" tops and colorful flats... Off to the coffee shop with an air of "I have no idea what the fuck I am doing in life."

"Maybe, someday, I'll be grown-up enough to carry one," I said to myself.

Now, years later, I sing a different tune with the bag.  I still think it's a great bag... (I prefer the Ebene print to the Azure one)... But it's become a "basic" bag.

I see it everywhere in Boston. While at the airport, waiting for my flight back to the West Coast, I saw two women on my flight with it...

 The Eben Damier Neverfull bag... In the wild and waiting to fly to San Diego.

The Eben Damier Neverfull bag... In the wild and waiting to fly to San Diego.

"Well, since it's everywhere, I definitely have no interest in it," I noted each time I see the bag as I walk throughout Boston.

That's how my mind works. I tend to intentionally not go with the crowd on something. I'm either alone in my tastes, or ahead of the game. (Usually.)

To me, so many people carrying the same bag makes it boring. Everyday. Not special. It means you paid ass-load of money to be like everyone else. 

"But I saved up years ago and bought my bag!" you may counter me with. Or even, "But don't live in Boston and I have one. It's not a popular bag here."

And to those people, I can say, "I am wrong in my thinking. You clearly set the trend with these. Either years ago, or now with the city you live in where they aren't as common."

It makes me super sad though. In Boston, the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull bag (which is a "reach" bag) has become like Coach, circa 2008.

"That's super bitchy of you," you may be thinking.

Well, we must not have ever met in real life. But my belief is that a luxury item - one that you have to save up for - should give you a sense of uniqueness in style. And you've paid a lot to look like everyone else.