Who Needs A Guest Room?

A few weeks back, I had neighbors over to my Encinitas house. I was hosting an evening get-together, and was finally - after three years of owning the place - having people from the neighborhood over.

As I was showing the guest room, a lovely grey room with a large window, off... I found myself committing to an idea I'd had in the back of my head for a while.

"I'm going to turn this space into my office. This space rarely gets used as a guest room."

As I flew back on a plane this week, I was plotting out exactly how I was going to arrange all of the furniture in the new designated office space. Then I realized I had a potential problem...

"How am I going to get the couch out of the old office?"

This big, over-sized couch.

"Well," I reasoned, "it got in there by the movers. So it has to come out."

Once I got home that evening, I put all of my attention to getting my endeavor started. I broke down all of the furniture in the guest room and hid away the queen sized mattress in the closet. I got my desk from the old office into the new one... And then focused on the couch.

This is as far as I got...


A stuck couch.

It was wedged like that for about 10 minutes. Then I finally got it back into the office.

"Maybe if I take the door off?" I pondered. "Maybe that will give me the inches I need to get this out?"

A few minutes later, this happened...


The bolts in the door wouldn't budge, so I use a screw driver to pop them out. And then the screw driver got stuck.

Eventually, I was able to get it out. And I gave up. I posted photos of my predicaments on Instagram. And my neighbor saw it.

"We can help you figure that out tomorrow," he said.

I was determined to figure it out myself. And I woke up this morning to try again.

And I got the couch stuck for another few minutes.

"I'm going to need your assistance," I texted my neighbor.

Eight hours later, he and his wife came over. About eight minutes later, we had the couch in the new designated office space.

It definitely was not a one-person job.

An hour later, I had both rooms cleaned and set up.


A lovely glow of sunshine coming in to the room. My desk looking out the window, where I saw butterflies and humming birds dancing in and out of my view.


A cozy set-up, but I have more space than in the old office.

And now the old office space has a new purpose. One that I expect will get more use...


It's now a hot yoga room. 

So I can stay on my practice for when I am not in Boston.