Energetic Protocol.

A question came from a former co-worker... 

"...what sites, people, podcasts, etc do you like to read and listen to that concern stuff like energy work, plant medicine, etc??"

When someone asks me this question, I have a ton of information with which I can pump them. But it's not really just limited to energy work and plant medicines these days. My quest for self-exploration and change agents to self-evolution extends beyond energy work and plant medicines.

Lately, I'm immersing myself in the following energetic protocol to push me on that path of self-evolution and the exploration of my path:

  • Hot yoga. It's what works for me, and has for 13 years now. My mind is on fire during a session. My mind does not clear. It's a purging, just like the dream state for me. 
  • Meditation. Usually three times a week, for 20 minutes each. I'd love to do more. It took me a long time to figure out how to do this in an effective way for me. I think we all get caught up in an idea of, "I can't quiet my mind! It's not working." And for me, right now, that's fine. The purpose of meditation - for me - is to allow the thoughts to come in and then float on by. My mind isn't quiet. It's releasing.
  • Floating combined with Infrared Saunas. I started doing these this Spring. Floating in deprivation tanks and rooms is something I've been doing for almost three years now. The mineral-ly water mixed with complete darkness is wonderful. I go into a "lucid dream" state when I am in there. The infrared sauna is something I added to the process, and do right before I float, when my float spa added the saunas to their location. I do 30 minutes in the sauna, listening to a podcast. It preps me for the floating session by relaxing my body, getting it ready to fall into that lucid dream state. Plus the sweat is good for detoxing. I've contemplated buying one of these for my home in Encinitas. I do this combo once a month, because I am splitting my time between the coasts. Otherwise I'd do it twice, maybe three times.  
  • Walks. The simplest of of energetic exploration things I do. And something many writers throughout history have incorporated into their creative process. A long walk (at least 45 minutes) each day helps with the purging and processing of things bouncing around in the head. For me, yoga and floating provide aggressive purges and then allow me to release. Walks allow me to purge the lighter "everyday" stuff, process it, and then release it. 
 My daily walks in the Boston Public Garden. Such a wonderful treat.

My daily walks in the Boston Public Garden. Such a wonderful treat.

  • Plant Medicine Exploration: Ayahuasca. San Pedro/Huachuma. Sanango. Coca Leaves. Cannabis. And there are more that I would like to explore. Cannabis is something I use (vape pen with oil) when I am in California. (Note: I'm a stickler for following the law personally, and have had my medical card for over two years now.)  I use a hybrid blend (Sour Diesel) before I meditate, usually on weekend afternoons. And I use an indica (Grape Ape) before bed. For me, two inhales on the pen is enough to allow me to focus on keeping thoughts moving in meditation. And when it comes to all of the other plants... I've been on a hiatus for the past year from them... But see an ayahuasca trip in my path next year sometime.  

I used to do other things... Cryotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage... on a regular basis as well to help with energy work. They all work beautifully. But they don't really fit my protocol now, as they are dependent on others being present while I am using them. Hot yoga is like that too, but adds so many other physical body benefits that I have kept it... Though now practice in private in my home studio now.

In terms of podcast resources I go to in order to find out more... They're somewhat random, and don't necessarily stick to a specific topic... But these are what I enjoy listening to:

  • Psychedelic Milk
  • The Lifestylist
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Joe Rogan (Graham Hancock, Rhonda Patrick episodes in particular)
  • Aubrey Marcus

They introduce new ideas and things to put in my path of self-exploration, for sure. Things that are confidence-builders. And the long walks I go on is when I listen to most of them.