2018 Sunsets.

I believe it was New Year’s Eve of 2017, as I lounged in the hot tub at the Glass House in San Diego County wine country (Ramona, not Temecula) with a glass of champagne in my hand that I heard my inner voice randomly say…

“I’m moving back to Encinitas full time.”

It was a bit of a shock to me. Because just a few days earlier I was plotting how to move permanently back to Boston after having spent seven months splitting my time between the two coasts. I had been tryin to figure it all out… Hatch my plan…

“I’ll have to rent the house out, because I refuse to sell it. And I’ll need to figure out what furniture I want to move back East. And I’ll have to let work know I will be going permanently remote. And if they don’t like it, I’ll have to start networking and finding a new job. And the car… Do I get rid of it?”

The back and forth between both coasts was exhausting me. While Encinitas was relaxing, Boston fed me more cerebrally.

“But why?” the inner voice asked.

It’s not as though I was more extroverted in Boston than I was on the West Coast. I didn’t know any of my neighbors in Boston, unlike Encinitas. And while I got in more walks just out of necessity to get things I needed to live, I felt less active and moved less than where it was warm and sunny.

“That shit don’t fit anymore.”

Too much had changed in Boston. The only things that felt organic to me still were my neighborhood and the yoga studio friends I had. Everything else had shifted. Aggressively. And suddenly.

I didn’t feel like there was anything left for me to learn in Boston.

“You don’t want to just exist in some place, do you?” the voice asked.

“Well,” I said, “I do that exact thing in California. And I get a lot of sleep here.”

“There’s a lot more exploring happening here than you can see.”

I don’t know what it meant. But the sentient energy in me (which is my dominant energy… I just know things. I don’t see them. I don’t really “hear” them. It’s thoughts that just pop into my space…) told me my time in Boston was done.

“The longer you stay there, the harder time that energy is going to have letting you go.”

And it was right. I haven’t shared all the details of my detaching from the East coast… But it was not energetically easy. At all. Despite how well-organized and thought-out I made my plans.

It was one big Sunsetting of energy. And it’s not fully yet set. Almost. But not quite.

This year mostly went by in a blur. I look back on it and can see all of transitions I experienced, and appreciate every one of them. Even when they don’t make sense.

I know they will make sense later.

“So you’re making Encinitas home finally?” someone asked me a few weeks ago.

“No,” I said. “Not in a conventional sense. This is my place of resting. But my creativity isn’t strong here. I will need to venture out still to fulfill that. But I’m being called to rest for a while. For a few more months anyway.”

I move into a new 9 year cycle, numerology-wise, on my next birthday in April.

A new journey is coming. I have no idea what it is. But I am resting up till then.