Thirsty & Jet Lagged.

"How are you dealing with jet lag?"

A co-worker was asking me this as I chatting about my plans for being back on the West Coast in a few weeks.

"I'm not," I said. "Not well, anyway."

It's a large part of the reason I am winding down splitting my time between two coasts. 

I fly East on a red eye flight, as it's the most convenient and gets me to Boston directly. I land about 5am, after a light sleep of a few hours. I'm home and in my bed by 6am. But often, it takes me an hour or so to fall asleep...

My yesterday morning... Trying to decide if I tire myself out with Netfilx or drink coffee.

My yesterday morning... Trying to decide if I tire myself out with Netfilx or drink coffee.

Where I then am out for five hours. I wake up still groggy and exhausted, but I force myself out of bed.

I go for long walks. I drink a few cups of coffee. I keep busy.

But, I inevitably find myself struggling to keep my eyes open at 7pm.

"Just stay awake," I tell myself. "Just make it to 9pm. You can go to bed then."

Last night, I managed to fight off the droopiness till about 8:45pm.

"Good enough," I decided, hopeful that I would be able to sleep through the night.

I was up two hours later.

And awake for another four.

Wide awake. And incredibly thirsty. (I never crave water, by the way. Even in a hot yoga class.)

And when I did fall asleep, I knew that waking up in the morning would be tough.

And it was. 

My alarm went off at 7am. But I snoozed till 9am. And I wanted to snooze longer, but forced myself out of bed.

It will take me - probably - the rest of this week to really shake off the jet lag. That gives me a good week of rest before I head back West. 

So, on average, every month I spend one week jet lagged.

And in case you are wondering, I have no problems sleeping when on the West Coast. I get 7-9 hours every night. 

So bi-coastal doesn't work for me, health wise. It's not impacting - as far as I can tell - anything else in my life. But sleep has always been something I am able to easily obtain. I fall asleep easily and for long. As much as I love living in two cities, I would need to pick one that is closer.

That's why the two-city thing worked when I was doing it between Toronto and NYC... And then Toronto and Boston. Same time zones. Makes it much easier.

So while I may not be done with living across two cities in the long run, I'm done with it for now. Or almost. I'm trying to decide when I will finish my East Coast adventure. I have the apartment till the end of May... But I was tempted to not come back this time.

That's the thing about me... When I make a decision, I plow ahead with actioning against it. I cut out the exertion of energy towards the old and move forward into the new.

"No... You have to go back," I said to myself. "At least till the end of March. Ideally, return again in April."

I'm working to convince myself to do this. But it's tough. I don't want to put energy towards something I'm done with.