Triggered Yoga.

Since the beginning of time when I started my hot yoga practice (13+ years ago), moving into certain poses will trigger images.

Not bad images, mind you.

Sometimes they are random memories with no significance from what I can tell. (Example: Head to Knee with Stretching Pose takes me back to standing in front of my locker Freshman year in high school, and organizing it.)

Other times, they are sharp visualizations that come out of nowhere, but appear to have some kind of message. Like tonight...

I was doing fine in class. My legs were tired by the time we got to the Balancing series. But I wasn't wobbly. But then we moved into the Standing Separate Leg series (Stretching, Triangle, Head to Knee)... And as I worked my should blades in the first two poses to pull closer together... 

I saw a visual of dark grey energy clawing into my back. I couldn't see my back. But I could see in my mind, digging it's fingers into my back.

Gripping onto me.

As if the pulling of my shoulder blades together disrupted it's hold.. And it was fighting to stay on me.

I felt exhaustion swoop down my body. I couldn't do much of Triangle pose. Not without wobbling. But I forced myself to do Head to Knee, continuing to pull my shoulder blades together as I stretched my finger tips forward beyond my toes.

I felt it directly again, in the Spine Strengthening series. 

And this time it brought an audible response from with me.

"You need to do some cutting."

I knew what it meant. Energetic cutting. Something is attached to me. And it's gotten more aggressive in the past few weeks.

My dream space is picking up on it too. I've had repetitive dreams of protection from others in the past week. (Maybe I'll find the words to write about those at some point.)  But something that was - I am guessing - quietly there is now wanting to disrupt.

And I will not allow that shit.