My Habit Results.

Right after thew new year began, I ordered one of those tests to better understand how my body works with the food I put into it. 

... Which is largely coffee with cream. Sparkling water. Ramen soup. And burritos.

I never grew out of my university eating habits, I guess. Though in university, I didn't drink coffee. Or eat ramen. Or drink sparkling water. 

I was all about burritos.

I'd had my body's reaction to food tested about eight years ago with my naturopathic doctor in Toronto. And now that I am in my forties, I wanted to see how/if anything had changed. 

My previous test showed that the things I love (pineapple, coconut, coffee, spicier-than-satan's-blood foods) irritated me. And that my body loved protein. Loved. LOVED.

And I don't eat nearly enough of it.

I got my test results back this week (after having taken the test four weeks ago - which included fasting, pricking my finger a few times over the span of a few hours and dripping a lot of blood onto various cards, and drinking a very sweet and thick shake)... And here's the high-level snapshot of what all my bio markers indicated...


There you have it. From mother fucking science, betchez.

  • My heart is good. I was genuinely freaking out earlier this week about my heart. Long story for a different time. 
  • My bad cholesterol is good, but my good cholesterol needs help. More avocados.
  • My body is "okay" with digesting carbs. But I love pasta.
  • Still needs lots more protein than I actually eat. This one is tough to get in me.
  • I have no problem with dairy. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.
  • My body doesn't mind caffeine one bit. Bring on the late evening espresso shots! I'll still fall asleep, no problem.

The next step for me was to start working with a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. Those things happened this week/are happening next week.

Now that I am back in Encinitas full time, I am focusing on ensuring I am maintaining the good health I have... And building on it. 

"You need to start checking things more regularly," was a lecture I got from my mum a few weeks ago, over text. 

I hadn't been to a doctor in over three years. I rarely get sick. And I refuse to take pills - except when the soul crushing menstrual cramps kick in once a month. I prefer to treat/maintain my health through natural ways... Diet, plants, meditation, yoga, fitness.

So this means working with a naturopath a few times a year to check in on things (she likes to use the data from 23 and Me as well as to work with me). Seeing an acupuncturist monthly for on-going maintenance. Deprivation tank floating twice a month. Maintaining my hot yoga practice and meditation. Amping up my strength training slightly, and adding in spinning (I got a Peloton earlier this week - it's amazing.)

... And working with my body's food preferences more...


Which means 12 servings of lean protein a day. And a nice amount of healthy fats (walnuts and avocados).

So... more chicken and guacamole salad? Or... Basically a ketogenic food lifestyle?

Let's see if I can get my energy up by following this food protocol. (And not have such a hard time getting out of bed and having foggy thinking.)