Revisiting The Natal Chart.

That pull to learn more has been strong lately. 

It stems from a conversation I'd had in February with Mark Flaherty, the astrologer I've worked with for a few years. I'd done a quick horary reading with him in February, regarding some dreams and some things I was noticing. It was helpful and a relief chatting with him. But when I brought up scheduling my annual birthday reading with him in early April, he said I should wait till I got back from the Sanango trip to do the reading. (Note: Mark also works for Blue Morpho, the sacred medicine retreat center I go to in Peru.)

"It would be better to wait, Heather," he said.

It was better to go into Sanango not fixated on a reading... Allowing myself to focus on what is happening in my current space.

It made sense. But it also made me want to revisit my natal chart, which Mark pulled together for me a few years ago when I did the San Pedro retreat in Cusco with Blue Morpho. 

So I pulled out my chart and my big book of Astrology, and begin researching the placement of everything, and organized a good chunk of relevant stuff into a spreadsheet...

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

There are repetitive themes, which Mark has pointed out over the years. 

Writing. Speaking. Fearlessness. Travel-travel-travel. Being too generous. Wanting balance, and being uncommitted when I can't have that balance. I earn money easily. I am creative. I am sincere, and see fake-ness in others easily. I get overwhelmed easily by others' energy. I will destroy energy in spaces where I feel confined.

"Was it wise to pull together this and analyze it the week before I head into an intense meditation?" I asked myself. 

Yes, it was wise, I decided. This isn't new information, any of this. It's foundational, and known to me already. I'm simply reminding myself about it.