Neptunian Flow & Jupiter Charm... A Birthday Reading.

The delay over Skype is always a wee bit annoying.

But Mark is all the way over in England, in a pretty town. And I am in Southern California, in a pretty town.

We both like where we live. And as a result, the long distance connection over the wireless network is slow and spotty in parts.

But I get the gist of everything he was saying as he did this year's reading.

"Reach out to me to schedule something when you get back from Sanango," he has said to me in late March, when I originally reached out to him.

Mark is very familiar with Sanango. He works for Blue Morpho. And that's how I met him over three years ago.

So I trust him deeply.

If he said to wait till I came back from Sanango, I would wait. And I figured it was best to go into the Sanango experience with as little anxiety as possible, rather than having in the insights from Mark playing in the back of my mind throughout the week I was away.

So at six in the morning (California time) on a Thursday, I popped into Skype as soon as I saw Mark promptly calling me.

I go into his readings with little expectation around what I'd like to hear. I always find it most important to just listen to him explain the movement of the planets through my chart, in and out of signs and houses... And then spend a few days decoding how it fits into my life.

Integration. Astrological integration.

Mark, knowing I am someone who likes as much information as possible and who has no time for silliness of fantasies, jumped right into things.

"There are a few things worthy of highlighting," he said, looking at my chart.

I had a Neptune transit coming. Scheduled to begin two days after the reading, actually. It was a Neptune Transit square to its natal placement.

Mark explained that this was a generational transit. Everyone around the age of 40 has a Neptune Square Neptune. (This tends to happen around 36-42… Lots of planets go square around the mid-life.)

"It’s why the mid-life shifts are symbolic," he said. 

Mark said it was worth noting because I have a particularly long Neptune transit. It would begin in two days, and go through the end of 2019.  Eighteen months.

"It will be a prominent energy," he said. But it would act as a "background theme", consistently humming along with other energy flowing in and out.

He told me about the themes of Neptune transits...

  • Symbol for the non-manifest, non-material source of the physical world.
  • Neptune is about the spiritual connection.
  • Key themes around it… The recognition that we are not in control with what is happening. Trust faith and surrender.”
  • Opening to a new mode of operating in the world and relating to the world.
  • “More feminine kind of energy. Rather than the I’m gonna make it happen energy.”
  • Not this pushing ahead energy. Instead... “I’m gonna stop and be quiet.”
  • There should be no goal in mind, other than to “be here now.”
  • Not about achievement in the world.
  • Associated with meditation and artistic pursuits.
  • “You have quite a go-getting, make-it happen (natal) chart," he reminded me. "Lots of planets in fixed signs, the Grand Cross we’ve talked about before.”

Aries Sun and Capricorn ascending is about the tangible and getting stuff done.

He told me that even though the transit didn't begin officially for a few days, that I was already in the Neptune influence. He asked if I had noticed anything that resonated with the key themes yet.

"I do feel it," I said. "I’m feeling I want less chaos on around me. Because I feel like there is something I’m supposed to focus on, and not expend this energy around me. But I don’t know what it is."

He said that was Neptune.

It is often hard to see clearly under that planet's influence. It brings about a lack of clarity.

"And that’s usually because we’re trying too hard to figure it out" he said.

 This Neptunian energy was about doing nothing. Not trying so hard to figure it out.

"Another energy will come through," he said. "(Usually) our natural 'being' energy comes through. A shift to a more flowing way of operating."

An energy that is more aligned with our true nature. And is you're someone like me - who is used to being the one to make things happen and being active - "it can take a real slowing down to stop and get in touch with that.”

He recommended that I (continue to) pay attention to my dream space, as that is a key way in which that Neptune energy likes to communicate.

Neptune is about spirituality. And creativity.

Key themes for me overall. 

"Hmm," I thought to myself... Holding back from formulating a plan knowing those two things.

But there was more he wanted to share about my chart movement.

He talked about relationships.

"There's potentially quite a lot is happening around here," he said.

  • Progressed Moon: It had moved into the seventh house in the past few months.
  • The Progressed Moon is a “timing device”. It will be in a house for two to three years. It brings more energy into that house for the time it is in there.  It’s a background theme. 
  • Three months ago it entered the seventh house. Highlights relationships of all kinds. Not just romantic ones. 
  • On the 17th of May, the Progressed Moon will move into Leo for me – where it will be exploring (putting the self out there).
  • It’s the sign of romance. “It’s saying ‘Be Leo. Embody this energy more.’ Really selling yourself.” Outgoing. Sociable.
  • Leo is very different. “It’s like life saying it’s time to explore the realm of Leo more. Which is much more about putting yourself out there. Leo is the sign of romance. Warm-hearted and a desire to be seen. And to be admired. And to admire another.”

"This Leo-type energy is the way you’re most likely to meet somebody," he said.

Not really something that interests me, having fought hard over the past year to be completely single. (I always tend to end up in long term relationships. I wanted my complete independence for a while.)

He told me that for the past two and a half years, the Moon was in Cancer. 

"The withdrawn and self-reflective cautious. Self-reserved. Internally-directed," he said.

I found this interesting.

"When did it move into Cancer?" I asked him.

"I can tell you exactly when it began," he said. "See if it resonates with what was going on for you."

He went quiet for a few seconds to look it up.

"It would have moved into Cancer in November 2015."

I laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

"When did you get together with J, your ex?" he asked, as he knows J too. "He's a Cancer."

"We started things up in November of 2015," I said.

It made so much sense.

"And before him, I was in a relationship for almost two years with a Gemini," I said. Which is the sign before Cancer.

Just. Too. Comical. 

Mark pointed out that in my natal chart, I have Cancer on my Descendent.

That means the Moon is the ruler of my Seventh house - the House of Relationships.

"The Moon is a significator of relationships for you," he said. "And you have a very rare, powerful progression. Jupiter is trying your Moon. It has an exact hit in September."

It has been playing in my chart since March and will continue into March of next year.

This means that the Jupiter energy is coming to my relationship life.

"Jupiter known as the benefactor," Mark said. "It is abundance, opportunity. Joy, positivity. If you meet someone this year, they are likely to bring a Jupiter-type theme."

He prompted that this is one of the best possible times for meeting someone.

"It’s trust, openness, expansiveness in nature," he said.

I wasn't interested. Maybe that will change as I go deeper into this new year and series of transits. But the idea of a relationship and having to surrender any of mindshare to another person's energy has no pull for me at all.

“You need to be Jupiter-Heather,” he said. "Because it’s about what you bring to this energy." 

By nature I am more guarded, as represented of Saturn’s placement in my natal chart - in the Seventh House. Saturn is discipline. Strictness. Limitations. In the Seventh House, it means I take things serious, to the point that it takes a lot for me to deeply commit. Not just romantically, but on a friendship level as well. It takes years for people to get through.

Mark agreed, and read my thoughts.

"It takes a lot for someone to get through the Saturnian wall that you have," he said.

He was saying that the chart was saying that it is time to trust and be open. More expansive. 

He added a reminder of something I already knew...

“There’s something about who shows up in our life that’s really a mirror of something that’s going on within us.”

It is a fine time to be more Jupiter. 

Taken last week, Jupiter in the sky... And the mapping of it from the Sky Guides app on my phone.

Taken last week, Jupiter in the sky... And the mapping of it from the Sky Guides app on my phone.

("Boys go to Jupiter... To get more stupider"... A rhyme from childhood ran through my brain.)

He wasn't finished yet with the relationship stuff.

He talked about the North Node in my natal chart.

"North Node is in the Ninth house… Which is the spiritual house. So the spiritual space is important. The spiritual exploration opens and produces trusts.  Points to someone one on the same path. A spiritual path."

A fellow psychonaut? Perhaps.

There was also some lovely stuff he noted about influences from Jupiter on work... And concluded that it would be an overall "Jupiterian time," with the plant playing with the Moon and transiting the mid-Heaven for the next year or so.

So to conclude:

  • Be more "flowy."
  • Be more "charming."

I have no idea how to do either.

But I am looking forward to my creative energy from Neptune bursting forth.