Picking My Battles. And Finding A New Way To Be Not Basic.

I know how I ended up in the place I was in - elected to the board of my home owners' association. And by "elected" I mean... 

"I put my name down thinking no one would vote for me. But then very few other people put their names down to volunteer for the board. So we all got put on it."

So on the second Thursday of each month, I get to spend two hours of my evening attending a meeting that no other community members attend. It usually just ends up being the board members.

I can't chastise other home owners for not attending. I never attended myself until I got elected. 

"What possessed you to even put your name down?" one neighbor asked me.

I told them I figured putting my name down was making me "right" with karma for bringing me such a lovely little community. 

"Well, thank you for your service," joked another neighbor.

And it's not bad, so far.

But in the two meetings I have attended, it seems that some people who end up on the board are much more conservative about community standards than I am. They want everything to look the same... Which I get. 

Yes, believe it or not... The woman who doesn't want to be basic and like everyone else thinks some sense of "sameness" isn't a bad thing when it comes to the community in which she lives.

But other than everyone picking up their trash and making sure things look clean... I really don't care what anyone else does. Not really.

As long as it's legal... It's clean... And you're not discriminating against your neighbors for their beliefs, gender. religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, economic status... 

I don't give a fuck. 

But now I have to give a fuck. Just teeny, little one. 

"I love your orange door," people have said to me over the years.

I painted that door orange (well, I paid someone to paint it) after I moved in almost four years ago. And I loved it too. 

Did I know that it was against the standards of the HOA community? No, not really. And other than someone saying, "Has the HOA board seen your door yet?" I never really gave it any thought.

"I assume they have," I answered. "My house is one of the first things you see when pull into this community. That's kind of the reason I painted it orange."

I was telling people as they turned the corner into our community. "You've arrived to a positive and creative little neighborhood. Welcome!"

But as I found myself sitting through the first two HOA meetings as a board member, I realized that there is possibly going to be a push to tighten up the community standards. Some I will agree with. Others I very much likely won't. 

So I decided to proactively paint my door.




So boring. 


So basic.

But I wasn't tied to my orange door. And I'd rather reserve my "Oh yeah, she's a totally sane person, let's listen to her" capital for other things that may come up as new standards are proposed. 

I'll find another way to be eccentric with my outdoor decor.

So really, this is just an opportunity for growth with my creative spirit.

I like the challenge.