Psychonaut Vacation: A Peyote Vision Quest.

I spent last Saturday night meditating with my hands in a bowl of Peruvian tobacco, then sage-ing it. 


I was making prayer ties... Little 2-inch pouches filled with tobacco and my intentions for this week's Grandfather Vision Quest retreat outside of Salt Lake City.


We will be burning them as offerings during a ceremony. I'm not sure which ceremony though, because there are so many things we will be doing this week that I am not sure which one we will be burning them during.

I leave in about an hour from my writing of this to head out to the camp. I had to join a Native American church in order to participate in the peyote spiritual medicine we will be taking. This is combined with a three-day Vision Quest where we are left with just some peyote tea, but no food or water. And each guest will be in isolation at a designated spot.

No food. No water. No books. No cell service. Just your sleeping bag, a journal if you want, and a jar of peyote tea.

And your mind.

I've been taking it easy this past month, spending a lot of time in my mind through meditations and quiet afternoons of thoughts. Long walks in nature. Noting even stranger than usual dream spaces.

We have a New Moon starting today. And the Perseid Meteor Shower. And there is a Leo Solar Eclipse today as well.

In short, it's a perfect time to be starting a Vision Quest.

A search for that inner fire.

I can't wait to share whatever I learn.

It is a strange and magical time.

Am I scared?