"You Have A Cat Energy."

I was listening to others talk about their plant medicine experiences.

We were at the designated "Smoking Table", and I had shared my recent Sanango experiences. Another person was talking about the upcoming dieta they had planned back down in the Peruvian jungle. Yet another was talking about the ayahuasca retreat they had done the week after me in April, and how there were overlapping guests on both tours that we knew.

"You have a cat energy."

That came quietly from my left side.

It was Gentle Eagle, the medicine man from the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) branch who would be helping lead us through things for the week. 

"A cat energy?" I asked. But not loudly enough to prompt him to explain.

And there were other conversations still going on, which would be rude to disrupt.  And my instinct told me that if I'd properly asked about it, he would have encouraged me to figuring it on my own.

I sensed he thought I was capable of figuring this and a few other things that popped up in the week out on my own.

I have him fooled.

Because I had no access to Internet, I knew a simple and fast explanation wouldn't be coming my way. So the only way to process the comment would be to think about it...

With my unimaginative and pedestrian mind. 

I didn't have much time to think about it, because the Sun was setting and we were soon sitting in camping chairs around an empty fire pit chatting about the week ahead of us. In particular, the Vision Quest.

It would be three nights (starting Monday, late afternoon) and three days (finishing at sunrise on Thursday) in a designated spot by ourselves. No food. No water. No books. 

Just a sleeping bag. A journal. And a jar of diluted Peyote tea.

You know, the necessities.

With so few things to distract me, I figured I would have time while I was "up on the hill" (code for "Vision Quest") to think about the Cat Energy comment.

But for reasons yet untold, I was silly to think I would have time to process the comment. So instead of pondering it in the space with others at camp, I put it out of my mind and took in the (new) moonless night and stared up at the sky waiting for the Perseids meteor shower to maybe provide a distraction. I settled for the warmth of a fire that was eventually started, and loud drumming and singing that picked up at about 9pm, and lasted well after 11pm.

It's only now - over two weeks after it was said to me - that I am thinking more deeply about the comment. Mostly because I just remembered it looking at my notes.

My thoughts...

  • Cats take care of themselves. You'll never see one hesitate to stop and groom themselves randomly or lay wherever they want. They could give a fuck what others think.
  • They want attention on their own terms. They wouldn't be bothered if no one was around.
  • They find a way to enjoy their lives, and could snd the "fuck off" vibes to anyone who gets in their way.
  • They like their freedom.
  • They are curious.
  • They like the Sunshine. And sleep.

Fuck. Maybe I am a cat?

"Maybe the cat is your new power animal," someone said to me during the week out there. 

I wasn't convinced though. I had a visit from my power animal while there, a few days later. And my take is that power animals represent a guiding energy. Probably one that you don't have within you yet. 

According to Gentle Eagle, I possessed a cat energy.

So yeah... I'm a cat.

Now how to use this energy in a better way than I already am?

I've no idea.