Chasing Mother Mary.

Another stamp for the passport. At this point, I’ve lost count of the number of stamps I have in this current document. I’ve had the thing for six and a half years now, and it has stamps from every continent. And today, I got my second one from the African continent.


This year has flown by.

I feel like I just went to Myanmar. I mean, I have the photos from that trip still on my phone, and I never wrote up most of the experience.

But it was 11 months ago that I took that trip.

And I’m still processing the chaos of the spiritual energy there.

The best way I can describe that trip is that the spiritual energy of Myanmar the place did not match the spiritual energy of the Myanmar people, other than the monks and the nuns.

The physical place of Myanmar is strong. The spirt energy. But the people? To me they were discombobulated. Priorities were off.

See, I’m still processing that trip.

And I’m already on my next sacred spiritual journey.

Well, technically, I’ve already had two this year… Peru for Sanango in April, and the Vision Quest last month in Utah.

But this trip… To Ethiopia… Is different.

This will be the first Christianity-focused sacred journey I’ve done. We will be seeing very old Orthodox Christian churches and spaces, on top of the other things to see in this country.

I’m told the spirit energy of the Mother Mary is very strong in Ethiopian christianity. And I can’t wait to delve into it here. I need - more than ever - to hear, share, and experience the significance of the Feminine.

Two weeks. That’s what I have here. Almost feels like it won’t be enough time.

Life is moving almost too fast. There are so many places to visit after this one.

But for the next 13 days, I’m gonna take it all in and be present.