On The Hill.

The Sun had warmed me up from the dampness I still was following the sweat lodge session.

Looking down at my hiking sandals, I could see where the trail of dried grass and dirt began at my toes, and patterned up randomly on my legs. The tunic I was still wearing clung to the yoga shorts I had on underneath.

I wasn’t sure how far we’d be walking, but I was grateful that I would be the second one dropped off. It meant that I could change soon.

We’d only walked a little past where the outdoor showers were set up for the camp which were around the corner and a few hundred feet from the camp - when we dropped the first person off in their spot.

“Getting back to camp is gonna be easy for him on Thursday,” I said in my head. “And hopefully for me too.”

If this was his spot, mine couldn’t be too far a walk.

Sure enough, as we got a few hundred feet further on the trail, Gentle Eagle, Malcolm, and Scott guided me into a thick area of trees and brush.

We walked about 30 feet into some leaves, pulling back branches to get by. We curved a path in the space to where a hint of a clearing was.

I sat down on a log and looked at my surroundings.

“This place is gonna be loaded with bugs,” I thought.

I kept my sunglasses on while Gentle Eagle put his hands on the crown of my head and said asked the spirits to watch over me.

“She is strong…” was all I could remember.

I looked past him to Scott and Malcolm who had stood back. When Gentle Eagle had finished, I waved to all of them and smiled.

They walked out of the clearing, and back to the trail.

After a few moments, I watched the entire group wander past from my tucked in spot. I could see them, they couldn’t see me.

I sat on the log for a few more moments and spoke to the spirits.

“Please keep me safe. Please protect me from anything dangerous out here. Please help me stay calm. Please help me get out of this what I need to get out of this for continued change.”

I pulled open my pack and quickly changed; pulling on yoga pants, a dry t-shirt, socks, and a thick hoodie.

Next, I took some ties and pulled back branches to make a bigger space in the clearing for me. I laid out one of the blankets from camp that I’d brought, and unrolled my Scooby Doo yoga mat on it. Then I unrolled the sleeping bag, and tucked a second blanket inside of it.

I pulled out my crystals, the two Koshi chimes I brought, my journal, and the jar of Peyote tea. I lined them up on the rock. I used the chimes to clear my space, gently shaking them around the area that I claimed as “cleared” for me.

I put the back pack at the head of my sleeping bag. It would be my pillow.

For a little while, I listened to the sound of the space. Lots of birds were talking. The trees were breathing with the wind. I could see abandoned spider webs not too far from where I was sitting. I wasn’t worried though, A few fire ants tried to crawl into my space, but I flicked them away.

I picked up my journal and began to write. I noted my surroundings, and the energy of the space, which was mostly calm.

We were still getting acquainted with each other.

About an hour and a half later, I heard foot steps on the path. It was Loretta, from Blue Morpho. She didn’t notice me.

About 30 seconds later came Tyler, one of the staff for the retreat from Blue Morpho. I watched him pass by, probably not realizing I was tucked into the space.

As he passed from my line of site, blocked by a tree five feet from where I was sitting, I heard a rustling in the leaves at the base of the tree.

Out quietly crawled a lime green snake, two feet in length. Smooth skin. He didn’t seem to notice me.

I noticed him, though. And I was scared as fuck.

I stood up, trembling. I took my right hand and brought it down hard on the log, making a noticeable noise.

The snake was startled. He raised his head and upper neck area up a little. He realized I was there. And he quickly scurried off.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

That was the only thought in my head.

I head footsteps on the path, and soon Malcolm was passing by.

He stopped. Turned to his left, and looked in towards where I was standing.

He couldn’t see me. But I could see him.

And not wanting to break the vow of silence, I thought, “Please don’t go. Please don’t go. Please don’t go. There’s a snake here. Please don’t go.”

After a good measure of time, Malcolm gave hint of a nod, turned, and continued down the path.

A few minutes later, Gentle Eagle and Scott passed by together.

They’d finished dropping everyone else off. And the snake was gone. I

The Sun was setting quickly from where I was stationed. I didn’t want to use my headlamp and waste battery energy, so I put my journal away, zipped up my hoodie, and laid down, zipping my sleeping bag up as high as possible to keep anything from crawling inside.


It was about 7:!5pm. The sky was dark grey. And it would soon be dark through the trees.

The birds stopped their chanting, and the lizards and crickets picked up theirs. I noted that it was well-synchronized how the hand-off with that happened.

I drifted off quickly into sleep, looking at the grey sky, leaving the Peyote tea untouched.