Vision Quest: When The Spirits DGAF What You Asked Of Them.

I slept through the night. Nearly 11 hours straight. Which is unheard of for me. Usually, I am up at least twice to pee in the night.

I woke up from familiar and un-dissectible dream (which I will write about later), and found myself staring once again at a grey sky. I listened as the crickets and lizards died down their symphony, and the chipmunks and birds began theirs. It was soon 7am, and light enough for me to begin writing.

Mostly about my dream.

My hair was messy, not having been brushed out after the sweat lodge session the day before. My glasses fogged over from the morning chill. I looked a hot mess.

I puttered around my small cleared space, watching nature unfold more as the Sun rose. The fire ants began their work, but outside of my space. I could see a small spider hanging from a silk thread just beyond the log behind me. And the birds were busy talking. Off in the distance, I heard the guy we had dropped off in the first Vision Quest space yell something – but it sounded more like he was talking to himself, rather than being in any kind of danger. 

Around 11am, I looked over at my jar of diluted Peyote tea. I reached for it, opened it up, and stared down into the pale yellow liquid.

I could see the “buttons” from the Peyote at the bottom of the jar.

“I’m definitely not going to eat those,” I said to myself.

I lifted the jar up and took a small sip from it. It tasted earthy. Not bad. But not something I was going to crave.

I thanked the medicine for the sip, and put the lid back in the jar. I leaned back and looked at the leaves and branches arching over me. The wind was gently blowing them. I was relaxed and felt a call to meditate.

I sat up, positioned myself at the top end of my sleeping bag, crossed my legs, and closed my eyes.

I allowed thoughts to flow in, and then flow right out. As I breathed in and out, I could hear the trees breathing in and out. The birds and the chipmunks kept throwing their thoughts down at me as well. All the while, I sat perfectly still.  

Deep in perfect calmness, while nature did its thing around me. 

After a bit of time passed, I heard the trees rustle a little more from the wind. And I heard the leaves gently grinding back and forth in front of me.

Then the leaf-grinding turned into a slicker rustling sound. Like that of someone gently running their hands on nylon.

“That’s odd,” I said in my meditative state.

So I opened my eyes.

And there, in front of me, at the bottom end of my sleeping bag, was the same green snake from the day before…

He was sliding from the leaves onto my sleeping bag, slowly.

I was paralyzed for a second, realizing he couldn’t see me. And I’d been sitting perfectly still.

But panic set in…

Of course.


I screamed and stood up. 

The snake, startled, stood up as it had before, realizing I was there. Its eyes seemed to widen. And I could see a thin red line on the outside of its iris.

It leaned back, turned, and scurried out of my space.

And for the next hour, I remained standing, shaking my arms and legs, shuddering.

I’d be calm for a few seconds, then I’d start shaking my arms and legs again.


I wasn’t worried the snake was poisonous. What I was freaked out about was that it came into my space. I didn’t want it crawling on me.

The fear wasn’t from danger. The fear was from its energy and being in my space.

“Why did you let it come into my space?” I asked the spirits. “I asked you not to let that happen!”

I couldn’t calm myself down. I tried. But calm wasn’t coming.

So at about 1pm, I packed up all of my things, untied the branches, and walked back to camp.

I lasted exactly 20 hours on my Vision Quest.