"I'm Shocked I Can Even Get Words Out Of Mouth Right Now. Or Function At All."

I said these words to someone on my team last week.

It was the end of the day, around 6pm. We were still wrapping up things so that we didn’t have to bring any work home with us. And I still had a 45 minute drive all the way home afterwards.

As I looked at the time on my computer, I noted, “There’s no way I am going to make it in time for the 7pm class.”

The second time in only three days where I wasn’t going to get yoga. And even if there had been a later class, I was just too mentally drained to function.

Hence my comment about my surprise that I could still sit upright and carry a conversation.

Earlier in the week another person on my team had mentioned that it seemed like I cover a lot of ground in my role at work.

I wasn’t gonna sugarcoat it for him with my response…

“I guess. I mean, if you consider I have to know how to do paid search, paid social, display media buying, offline buying, media planning, and know how to work our invoicing system ‘a lot.’ Oh, and when it comes to Social Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO… I have to know those well enough to speak to them if I get pulled into biz dev or marketing conversations.

Ah… Yes. And biz dev. I have to help out with that, and also follow up on my own conversations I have going with my contacts. And that reminds me, I still have to fit in time to pull together a 30-minute presentation on how to paid search for a marketing event I am speaking at in a few days. Oh - and Google has changed the AdWords platform since I last really dug into it. So I have to update any slides/knowledge I have in the space too.

Oh, and that client call I pulled into today, I have to provide a response for the account person to get back to the client. So I need to figure out the best process for launching those campaigns for them on platforms I don’t know my way around.

And it’s almost annual planning season, so I need to get the team started on their 2019 plans.

And at some point, I still owe the PMO updated templates for probably three or four deliverables.

And I need to get those signed IOs into the accounting system.

And follow up with accounting on if they input the new vendors with their W-9s.

And interview a new social candidate for the team.

And start vetting paid media candidates.

And check on sales progress at the team level.

And make sure someone is at the North County office to receive the moving supplies.

Sure. This is a lot.”

Sure. It sure is.

And it’s now 10pm California time. Way past my bedtime.