Yawning In Yoga Class.

I once read on a thread in a yoga teachers’ private Facebook group about a male teacher who was annoyed by students who yawn in class.

His basic sentiment was, “Get it under control! You’re there to focus on yourself and do yoga!”

What I wanted to respond to him with - but held back - was…

“Are you fucking stupid as shit, or what?”

He was clearly one of those teachers who isn’t there to teach true yoga. It’s all about ego and perfectionism for him. If I had to guess - and I am often good at guessing games except academic tests - I would say that he was the kind of person who held a lot of self-hatred.

What I hoped the dummy would realize is that yawning is:

  • An energetic purge. I’ve written about it before

  • Something that happens when the body relaxes… Which isn’t surprising, given that a person is in a yoga class - a place where they can start to detach from their day and focus on their bodies and energy through moments of relaxation .

  • Completely normal, and a very logical thing to do in a yoga class.

It didn’t mean the students were bored. It meant that their body was starting to relax from their day, and they were purging shit they didn’t need to carry around with them anymore.

I legit yawn ALL OF THE TIME in yoga class.

It usually starts at the beginning, in Pranayama Breathing. And really kicks in during Half Moon pose. That side stretching and the backward bending is a signal to my body to, “Fuck the day. You’re right here, right now. Let it go. But it’s okay to still hate that Elsa bitch.”

Tonight, in class, I didn’t stop yawning till the last 15 minutes of class. It was a Hot Flow class, and the yawns began in Child’s pose at the start, and didn’t stop till I was on the floor doing a Cobra series.

Every few minutes… a yawn.

It was a low-lit class, so no one could see me in the front corner, yawning away.

Not that I would have cared anyway.

I had things to purge. What things? No real idea.

I just know they came out in those yawns.