Confronting The Ocelot.

Your brain picks up so much more than you realize.  

And when you sleep/meditate/take plant medicines... Some of those details come back to you. 

But what significance do they have? I wondered.

It happened to me a few nights ago. I dreamt of an animal - an ocelot - I hadn't remembered even hearing about in  my conscious life.  I dreamt I confronted a hostile version of the animal. 

I'm somewhere.... Outside. It's not the jungle. But it's green out. And more spacious. I can see the sky.  I feel very comfortable. 

Then I see the animal. He's smaller than me. And probably about 10 feet away.

At first, he's just staring at me. But then I can see he is agitated with me. He doesn't growl. In fact, I can't hear anything coming from him. But I can sense it. I can sense his anger and displeasure with me from within him. 

"Knock it off," I tell him. "Move along. Or I'll deal with you."

He stays there. He doesn't budge. 

I continue to feel his anger. Getting stronger.

Again, I tell him, "Move along. I'm not intimidated by you."

We continue to stare at each other.

Eventually - and I can sense what he plans to do before he does it - he walks towards me... Almost the creep of a cat, but not quite... Because he knows that trying to "sneak" up on me as I am watching him will neither surprise or scare me. 

I begin to walk gently towards him and warn him again to move along.

He gets close and flexes his mouth open to show the entirety of the inside of his mouth. Especially his long fangs and sharp teeth.

I reach forward and use my right hand to grab the top teeth of his mouth, and my left hand to grab the bottom teeth.

"Relax," I tell him firmly. "I don't want to hurt you. But I will."

He struggles. 

And the moment I feel him whip the tip of his tongue on my left fingers - trying to intimidate me - my biceps flex.

And I pull the two parts of his mouth apart.

His jaw is moved into a 90 degree angle.

He stops moving. 

And passes out. Probably fro the pain.

I know he's not dead. But I know he won't attack me again. 

"I am in charge," I tell his body.

Then I wake up. 

I can't recall ever having heard of an ocelot. Let alone know what one looks like. 

There isn't anything in the dream dictionaries about the animal. But everything I could find online leads me to believe the animal was looking to deliver a message. I found this online in multiple places...

"Regeneration through solitude, Connection with physical and spiritual worlds, Ability to be in two places at once, Clear vision, Connection to the unseen." 

Similar to the owl incident of late 2012, I think the ocelot is a spirit guide for me. I've been marinating on the various possible messages he represents for me. But I think it's pretty obvious.

I saw him. I get what he is trying to say. Message delivered. 

In future dreams, I expect him to be on my side... With no need to attack me.