2019: A Year One & A Challenging Transit. But I'll Make Some Good Friends. And Flow With life More.

I didn’t have to hear Mark, my astrologer, tell me I was headed into a strange and peculiar period. I could already feel it.

But, really feel it.

A Year One (4+1+2+2+0+1+9=19. 1+9=10. 1+0=1.) is a year of new things. It’s the start of a new nine-year cycle… And it means change. It definitely has meant that in the past for me…

  • 2001: Started new relationship and new career path.

  • 2010: Became a VP and went to yoga teacher training.

The nine year - last year - was an energetically confusing time for me. I lost all interest and energy in things that were asking too much of me and not giving me enough in return. I started pulling back in areas where I normally would be okay with putting out more effort with less return.

In short: I began taking more time to do absolutely nothing.

Really… Nothing.

I didn’t allow my mind to wander and start plotting new things. Sure, I traveled some… But not as much as maybe I could have. I felt a need to root in - and I still don’t completely know why.

Perhaps, it was to prepare for this year? A year of… Well…

Pluto Squaring Off With My Sun

“…The big one for this time… transiting Pluto has just begun to be square your Sun,” said Mark, when I chatted over Skype with him for my annual birthday reading. “It’s a big one.”

The three exact hits of this transit:

  • 2/21/2019 (already passed)

  • 6/29/2018 (the middle hit is usually the strongest of the transit)

  • 12/27/2019 (the culmination)

Essential themes of this kind of transit include:

  • Pluto is everything that is deep. Under the surface.

  • Pluto brings irrevocable change.

  • It suggests a period of being forced to look deeper into the core self and life path… And usually there are changes to be made… Things to be left behind (physical or behavioral).

  • Light is shined onto the shadow aspects of the self.

  • Something about them no longer serves you and you have to let them go.

“Pluto is an extremely deep transit… To the extent that we aren’t really aware of what was really happening till years later as we integrate it.”

Mark said, though, that often see what these changes that are needed are as they are happening… But that the inclination can be to push it away, and not face it directly. That’s when Pluto’s volcanic nature explodes.

“Then you have to puck up the debris, metaphorically-speaking,” he said. “Being open to and willing to see one’s shadow aspects as they come up… Life is trying to align something with what has held you back and prevented you from expressing yourself. That maybe you haven’t been aware of to this point.”

There can be a lot of behaviors, patterns, thoughts during this time period that aren’t in alignment with one’s higher self.

“What I can say is that during this period, its… an opportunity to get in touch with your deepest inner motivations and drives… And to see that more clearly and allow whatever needs to die (because Pluto is about metaphorical death and rebirth) within you to die… And being more closely in touch with ‘Who am I?’ Which is the essence of the Sun nature.”

“So letting go of things that are not necessarily faults, but are not deep enough or not as aligned your deeper sense of integrity and self.”

I’m due for a big transformation in terms of who I feel myself to be. Something deeper in terms of who I am, how I see myself, and how I express myself is fundamentally shifting.

Like, right now.

I’m on my way to becoming more in alignment with my Sun nature. Aries.

I have two other transits happening this year (which aren’t as profound as the Pluto one):

Jupiter Trining My Sun

It started at the beginning of March and will be running to the end of October. Direct hits are:

  • 3/4/19 (Passed)

  • 5/18/29

  • 10/25/19

Jupiter has themes of joy and expansion. Good things coming through this.

“It’s a very helpful influence,” said Mark. “And as it is hitting your Sun, it’s in your 11th house - which is related to friends, communities, or groups.”

He continued…

“I know you mentioned it wasn’t a place you wanted to head at that time (in reference to last year’s reading where he saw me being open to a relationship - which I actively avoided last year)…But people on the same wave-lengths and have a similar outlook on life… There could be some very beneficial connections coming from that during this year during those transit dates.”

“Something in you and your life is getting bigger. Great assistance and help can come from connections during the Pluto transit as a result of this other transit. As an Aries it’s not always easy to get help from others because you are so self-reliant and do things for yourself.”

Neptune Getting On Mars

The other significant transit for this year - which is coming soon - is Neptune “slap-bang-on-top-of Mars in your natal chart.”

This has extra significance to me because Mars is the ruler of Aires, my Sun sign.

“It’s also possible, because Mars is also the ruler of the 10th house - the house of career - where this energy gets expressed.”

Exact dates of transit hits:

  • 5/3/2019

  • 8/11/19

  • 2/29/20

General comments about Neptune-to-Mars transits…

  • Mars is action-oriented. All about the drive. All about getting things done. Just like the Aires nature.

  • Neptune isn’t like that. It’s more “go with the flow.” More about opening up and letting things happen.

  • What can be experienced under this transit is that I may find my usual drive dissolving a bit.

  • Neptune isn’t about achieving or charging forward. It’s about just allowing.

  • It’s like the canoe on a river without a paddle… It doesn’t mean I don’t go anywhere… It’s about being sensitive to where the flow of life wants to take me. Which may or may not be where my will and ego want to go.

Decisions come from a different place during this year… Intuition. There may not be logic to my decisions. And I may not understand things till the transit ends…

Which is on Leap Day next year.

So bottom line: Don’t look for too much excitement from this year. I’ll be focused on changing everything about me, and starting new.