I Own Homes.

One in California. And now one in Arizona.

“I don’t get why you did this. Why Tucson?”

That’s the sentiment I’ve gotten from a few people who - I assume - see me more as a city girl.

“Couldn’t you have at least picked Phoenix?”

No. I couldn’t

Phoenix is too easy. And doesn’t really speak to me now with it’s vast reach across many cities… It’s just like San Diego.

Just. Like. San Diego.

But with a much better food scene. Less taxes. More heat. And no beach. But both are very “red.”

Two of those things I care about… And two I do not.

I want a smaller city. I want quirky. I want warmth. And a better view of the stars from my back yard. And no HOA to deal.

(Though, I am essentially the acting president of the HOA for the Encinitas house.)

This is my new place…


I have much work to do on it. And I have no idea what exactly I will do with it for now…

  • Do I move to Tucson full time and rent the Encinitas place out?

  • Do I mostly AirBNB to the Tucson place out and visit once a month from San Diego for a few days?

  • Do I split my time evenly between the two properties and not rent either one out?

I honestly don’t know. I do love the charm of the new place. It’s old. Built in 1941. And after spending an hour ripping up carpet in the two bedrooms, I discovered original hardwood floors. In the bathroom… Tile from the 1940s on the floor. Appliances from the 1980s in the kitchen and laundry area.

I have visions of painting every wall (except the kitchen ones) white… And building a stand-alone structure off the back that is a master suite. And changing out the tiled floor in the kitchen… And the countertops. And adding electricity to the detached garage! And ripping out every bush and tree that is water-sucking.

And, of course, the appliances.

Another charming little home.